The manuscript was in longhand. There were several cuttings and interlineations. It was a tough job to edit the same. She and our three children – Mrs Anita Chaudhary, District & Sessions Judge, Haryana; Shri Arun Walia, Senior Additional Advocate General, Haryana; and Shri Arvind Walia, Real Estate Developer of great repute at Delhi – made great efforts to accomplish the job. Dr Rajiv Dosanjh, an eminent Orthopaedist and a family friend, came to our rescue. He suggested the name of Shri Randeep Wadehra for this purpose. We approached Shri Wadehra and he readily agreed to do the job. He did it and found the material of great value and source of great knowledge for research scholars and the general public.

Harbhagwan Singh
Senior Advocate
18 May 2011
Author of ‘Law, Lawyers and Lawmakers’

Shri Randeep Wadehra has put in stupendous work in the preparation and editing of the final manuscript of the first volume of the book written by my great father. I am confident that this book will be a dependable reference book for scholars and laypersons alike, not to mention our policymakers. If the contents of this book help our policymakers to take a renewed look at the way education is provided and managed in the country my father (in his heavenly abode) will feel vindicated. I am confident that it will be a great solace for the saintly soul of the late teacher and scholar.

Adarsh Walia
Senior Advocate
Copyright Holder of ‘Evolution of Education in India: a historical perspective’